Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby oh dont bite

If there is one thing i adore more than spending my fabulous day with my unlimited spending limit shopping spree while cruising on my daddy custom made lamborghini it will definitely be babiess and toddler within the age 0-5 *because it is annoying after they develop the skill to talk back*.

I think babies all over the world should issued a restraining order for me because I am a dangerous mystical creature who takes biting seriously.

So, for the first time i will unveil my modus operandi towards my dainty prey.
First i will lure them with my upgraded nintendo pink ds coz i know how fascinated they are with all this flashy2 gadgets. If that wasnt enuff i will let them play with all my stuffy colourful plush toys until their mind become totally oblivious of their surroundings. And then when they totally become mind-blinded i will NGAPPP!! them will all my heart! And i will only l
et them go after their reflex reactions protest loudly and bitterly in grief and pain. Those wailing and panting are like food to my ears and serenity to my heart.

ngap ngap ngapp!! Pastu cicah ngan sambal belacan buat makan ngan ulam..ahh sedapp~

Johnny : Sampai hati die kenekan saye yg baru umur 50 hari nie. Saya tau la saya naif. Jgn la tipu saye. 8 kali raye pun tak mungkin akan saye maafkan diena. jahat die tu i tell u. i can still feel her very teeths that sunk deep into my fluffy meat. Oh the pain!

Gina Jyeah : nanak..tite nanak lagi gi umah witch tu lg..tatit kat pp tite nite tak ilang lagi.. tite nak pegang bunni webit nie je. tite da mentally disturbed da nie. tite tatot nak tido malam2 lagi.

Boner Paradise : tgk muke i nie. kalau toreh pun tak kuar darah tau. m so petrified rite now and probably for the next 30 yrs of my life. I think m gonna turn gay after this. Yes! my whole life orientation has just been decided after ive encountered this dreadful yet stunning woman.

Pailang Besar : Ape..? diena??? bak datang mari la wehh..gua tade gentar punyee..!!

Anyways, this is one of my baby apprentice practicing his talented biting skill. Observe his priceless expression. Cold-frozen-blooded heart. Just what i want.

OH sebelum saye terlupe . Ari nie beday chaq.

Happy 21th born day sayang ku intan payung berlian~ ko tunggu hadiah ko k..aku buat baekkkkk punyaaaaa~~

Ok..i better get back to my work now.
So many work.
So little time.
Procrastination its not good for u and ur sex life. Buhbye now


Anonymous said...

22nd kot? kau igt korang muda lagi?

Diena Wong said...

eh tersilapppp..hahhah tape la..aku da malas da nak tukaaa..