Wednesday, June 25, 2008

R.I.P My Dear Little Friend

If there is one word to describe how amazingly perfect I am it wud definitely be CLUMSY!
Ask my family , friends or u can even ask that girl that did ur boifren twice in her car behind the abondoned house on that hill behind that new chocolate factory. They will all say that i am clumsy as hell. If all my stuffs could talk they wud be cursing me fluently everyday. I bet they even compose a sweet sweet song for me. A satanic rhythm to repel me.

And because of my clumsiness I lost my best friend.

"Dear you,
I am oh so sorry for my rough handle on u through out these days. I didnt meant for all of this to happen. U were the best thing that ever happened to me since ever. If i knew that this wud happened ,I'd just keep u at home, safe from this excruciating outside world. I shudnt have drag u along with me. I was selfish, I was ignorant in every possible way.My negligence towards u shud be punish severely.Now u are gone and i miss u so much. The new guy that replaced u isnt as smooth and sleek as u were to me. I hope u rest in peace.

King of The Unexistence Island."

So for whoever is reading this , plis give a moment of silent in honour of this poor poor thing.

Cite sebenarnye die camni. Aku tgh buat keje kat opis pastu stendet ah kan..aku kan kelam kabut mengelupur..pastu tertepis mouse..pastu mouse terpelanting..zassssssss terkene dinding..lalu jatuh ke lantai dgn daya tarikan graviti dan impak yg kuat. Pastu rosak. The end

Ok bye..nak g makan

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