Monday, November 2, 2009

Cerita hari minggu

This weekend had been the most progressive weekend i had since ever. I couldnt recall the last time i had such a tiring weekend and now here it goes, another tapestry of pictorial tale because words are boring and pictures are awesome.

Saturday evening -
Red Ruby Avengers acoustic show at dataran Merdeka.


After 20 minutes or so standing half-willingly on the wet ground and under the growling sky, we went to The Lodge and had dinner with his parents and after that we shoot off to crown regency to meet the rest of my kl's friend.

They were as crazy as a hatter but maybe a little crazier because this group aint need no hat to become lunatic . they just need something smaller , and rounder and rhyme with no mercy. figure that out genius.

Diera's wedding at her house.

So there is no more secret that one of my besties in high school is getting married. Then again we are at age to be wed. She looks happy , she seemed happy and i hope her the bestest best of her life because i know that what i would want people to hope for me. Last year few of my friends wedded , this year couple more and soon there will be no one left to tick the little lonely SINGLE box anymore. Me? I dont know , last time i checked, the wedding stores still got no more bells left for me.

Soon after the wedding , we had this urgency to eliminate waste a.k.a shitting , so we speed off to my house which fortunately located just below 10 minutes from her house. The initial plan was to shit , rest for awhile and go to Mydin because i want to buy bookshelves for my scattered-around book. So we shitted , rest for awwwwhileeeeeee until it was dark and plus there was no way Mydin is still operating at this hour. So what happened after your tedious plan has been overruled by sleep on? easy , u just make a new one and so we did. We planned to watch movie but his parents called and ajak us makan at Muhibah. Dont ask me why i am gaining weight so much because i know u r already scheming ideas inside those brain of urs.

So after Muhibah we went straight to The Curve yada yada yada , we came late , show already started yada yada yada. So yeah no movie for tonight because the movie we wanted to see already 20 minutes started and i dont like watching it half way through instead we went for Baskin to ease our disappointment.

Tak tau puting sapa tinggai kat sini

Anddd thats was our half-awesome weekend ladus and gentus.

Goodnite yous.

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