Sunday, November 8, 2009

Time Traveller's Wife Movie dont make me happy

I was waiting and not shame to say longing for this movie to come out because the book has been so good , so spellbinding so meticulously written. For me , it is the best love story ever written yet. Ive read The Time Traveller's Wife few months back and have waited with anticipation for the movie to come up so yesterday i went to pyramid with lover boi with the hope that the movie would be as striking as the book. To tell u the truth , the only bits i enjoyed about the movie is the special effects , other than that nothing.

I think the adaption cast away few important parts from the book which resulted in confusion for those who didnt read the book. For those who read d book like myself , find the movie had so many missing links and the essence that makes the book so good has lost its quality. The movie extracted many of important characters and scenes ,one which makes the story more utterly dramatic. AND , not to forget , in the book there are sooooo many sex and drugs and sex but the movie portray otherwise.

It has become another sappy love story and not a great one while at it.

And oh , i bought something for my macbie.

A beautiful aqua case for my machine. cool eyh?

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Anonymous said...

babe, how much does it cost, the cassing?