Friday, October 30, 2009

Absent Minded

From excessive reading i know for the fact that the more mature our age is , the most likely our brain cells are gonna deliberately decrease. I know brain is the most important organ in our system and being the big man , brain must be exceedingly brilliant beyond comparison to other organ , but today i beg to differ.

And today i know that brain could also lose their sense of rationality when the process of elimination is being initiated because somehow , this big brain of mine absentmindedly choose this very crucial significant part of my brain which contain a crucial amount of common sense because today somehow i did it wrong in so many level , but luckily this is very unlikely to happened.

So for the very first time in my twenty and three years of existence , i unintentionally forgot to wear my pad when it is overflowing rivulet of red water stream down there and the best part is i only realized that when i get back home and to no surprise i wore red panties instead of frilly white.

oh bugger. m getting old , or at least my system is getting ripe.

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