Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movie Weekends

Hello yous,
So this was how my weekends were filled.

On friday night , or was it saturday? i couldnt really recall because i have a memory as bad as the goldfish but anyways , i took elin , my sweet little angelic devil , sayang and aus out for a movie. At first we wanted to watch 2012 but being the super-megablockbuster-mindwashingjewcreationmovie , we missed out on buying the ticket before it were all sold out. So instead , we choose Fourth Kind.

I wudnt want to spoil the movie plot for those who didnt watch it yet because this story is best watch when u are vulnerable and ignorant. But i can guarantee by the end of this movie u wud have a mind-altering moment of reality check.Another thing ,curiosity that leads to heavy digging would end up in miserable disappointment.

I guess a little hint wouldnt batter a soul now would it?

These are the artifacts obtained from the time when people claimed that god walks the land of earth which was from the Sumeria Era. See now Sumeria Era was being dated way way way way way back sometime in mid of 6th Millennium before century. It is the earliest civilization ever recorded in human history which means people are not walking around naked and showing their tralalal only to be mock dreadfully by others , and lucky thing those day over. My guess is people from this time cant help but being curious to their surrounding and to their new code of behavior , not to mention the ethics and the unlimited knowledge that has been waiting , yearning to be discovered by these Sumerian people. Blablablabla yes yes i know i am digressing right here.

Back to the point , what m trying to imply pretty much correlated with the movie 4th kind . Watch it and u'll know what i mean. And one more thing , issit me or does those artifacts resembles a simplify outline of an Alien? Not Nordics , or Reptillian but the Greys , the one which is commonly portrayed by mass media as a popular skin of an alien. Just a thought to ponder by the way.

We went for another movie on Sunday and this time , albeit waiting for 5 hours lingering around The Curve area , we managed to get a hold on a ticket , and a nice pair of seats in d house too! The movie started as late as 0100 and the curtain close at almost 0300. It was tiring but it was all worth it!

I think by far this is the greatest movie ever made since Titanic. 2012 was a strikingly made fiction story about our world being obliterate before our eyes, but i guess u already know that duh~ even the poster itself is self-explanatory. I dont want to elaborate much on this because as much as i enjoy this movie , i also dont agree with Mayan's prophecy about the world is heading to its doomsday as we speak. I have my theory on these but im too light headed to explain it now , but even if i do , u guys wudnt even understand a notion about it because sometimes i dont get it myself either. So just watch the movies , and enjoy this heavily CGI movie.

MIND FXCK! Do u see what i see?

Yay~ foot massage while waiting for the movie. hehe

extra sempurna.

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