Saturday, November 21, 2009

I got FFK'ed but its alright because world need people like this to balance between good and evil

Have u ever been FFK before? (For those who didnt know , FFK is a widely known acronym for Fong Fei Kei which in Cantonese means standing someone up. )

It happened to me and my boifren once , it was yesterday and the memory still pretty much lucidly playing repeatedly behind the back of my mind . The event was as disappointing as much as it was obnoxiously happened. It has strengthen my mind to be aware about people who got pride as high as a mountain and manners as low as a dirt worm. Then again i cant blame them for having such an extensive amount of vainglorious egotism because the environment they've been breed on possibly might have effected the way they behaved.

You said that we werent being professional , that we didnt respect u as a customer but i think that there wasnt a mirror anywhere u were standing because every bits of word coming out of your mouth reflected perfectly back to yourself.Pardon me if i am new to doing this business , but apart from experiences , i think good manners,ethics and COMMUNICATION are d fundamental root to your establishment. How can u claimed urself a pro when u dont even know how to converse well. The second time that u called me , i swear i heard nothing but gibberish , even after i told u to slow down u still sounded like a dying spaceman who was hyperventilating out of oxygen .Chewbacca sound even more clearer than u.

And what the fuck saying that i was rude to ur girlfriend? As far as i know ,only people with limited spaces in their brain couldnt differentiate the intonation of vocal between nonchalant tone and a foul pitch. Even a child with severe retardation could compare an angry tone apart from others. I'm not saying that she is as suggested but every verdicts came back positive.

You once stated in your emailed that u always come by here which made me to assumed that u know this place very well but then when everything went haywire u blame us for not coming to you because this is an unfamiliar place to u. WTF man, dont blame the music if u didnt know how to waltz.

U said that we didnt respect you as a customer ? But do u respect us as a seller? As a seller who gave u one hellava good deal? I think you planted the policy of Customer is Always Right one inch too deep because albeit the self-explanatory statement , that doesnt mean you are allowed to be RUDE , INCONSIDERATE , GRUFF etc etc. And what's up with your quick-meek judgment man? that is how u parade your professionalism?

We tried to put ourselves in your shoes , we even gave u benefit of a doubt , convincing ourselves that maybe u've been mugged because u DID NOT PICK UP/ COMPLETELY OFF your phone after so many countless call made to your number.Remember how u didnt reply my messages? And this is again u called professional? We waited and waited and still waited even after half of the mall was already dark but u never turn out as promsed . How could u behaved as such considering we are living in a civilized world and equipped with good manners and rational thinking from such a tender age. Did u lose all that while u were growing up?

I never had any problems with my customer and i dealt with numerous amount of people from all over the nation. Everyone received their product as perfectly as i delivered it except you. Maybe perhaps the problem is you?

Yes I know that we also have ourselves to blame for not HAILING you as a king from a foreign land but the main contributor of what happened yesterday is still u.

With this i have made my first acquainted virtual fiend. Lets this be a lesson to me not to trust people who appeared to have good morality.

p/s : i am not going to reveal who is this guy and what company he is working with but if u venture long and hard u might stumble upon the answer :)

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