Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Masalah Bowels (Updated!)

Time : 2340

I hate admitting that i had problems but as sooner as i accept the fact ,the sooner i'd feel better and less cramp in the head.

So here it goes , i think my system is getting disoriented because i never had problems in eliminating waste before. Shitting is like my favorite past time but now it seemed like a distant past. It is soooo hardd , so so terribly unacceptable hard for me to push those little brown nuggets out to the swirling pond of toilet bowl.

With such adversity comes greater solution , or so i thought. Tonight i decided that i had enough with this joke and so i mustered all the hidden guts i had left and pour down 3 small orange tablets of Dulcolax , a remedy that was massively claimed could do the trick.

1 hour later nothing happened so i took another 1.

Still nothing happened after 2 hours , and i took another 1.

and now at 2342 i still dont feel any soldiers marching through my bowels . I think i need a doctor.

I hope i dont wake up as a shit angel.

Arghhh nak berakkkkkkkkkkk!!!

nie la ubat berak yang tak berkesan tu.
berkesan sikit tapi tak memuaskan

UPDATE : 0323 in the morning.

The pills just acted out and i discarded quite a generous amount of excrements but still i am no where near satisfy because i was expecting something more outrageous and more radical like a rocket blasting bursting kindda thing.

But all's well ends well i guess. At least my bowels is sinless now and tonight my sleep is not as dirty as i was last so many nights because u know , i am wholly shitless in and out.


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