Monday, November 9, 2009

Lesson No 1 in Behavior 101

I am sure there is a conventional requirement as to our social behavior subconsciously conduct in any class or community as an evidence to our fully-formed civilization nowadays.

That said etiquette includes eating gracefully without scattering your food that end up looking like a shitty piece of artwork , covering your mouth while coughing , talk almost discreetly on the other person at the end of the line while in public places , and most essentials while not being practice widely , cover , if must clog one nasal while sneezing because i found it utterly disgusting and a major nuisance for one not to planted this habit deep down in their act of reflexes.

So pengajaran hari ini ,

TOLONG COVER HIDUNG KALAU NAK BERSIN !! duck geli gil babs ok!

p/s : I tend to signify anything that agitate the hell out of me with lizard because god oh god knows how much i loath lizard and anything that relate to the chain of it.


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