Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Completion of Black Book

Look whose hard work of countless sleepless nite and random deranged raging emotional broke down had finally paid off?

Now i feel useful once again. My advice to those who are going to do thesis, PLAN AND STRUCTURE YOUR WORK PROPERLY or else..or else..hmm..the worst that could happened is ; repeat another academic year or just drop off the collage.

p/s : this book is so thick i could use it to homicide a whole group of almost extinct land animal.

ralat : salah eja collage. sebenarnye nak eja college. collage tu yg tempek2 kertas composition art tu. haih.


Bil said...


Cheljha said...

oklah tu at last but not least u feel what im feel bout it before coz i reaaaallllyyy struggle when i was i the same shoe size welcome to the real world.