Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Bebenang Buaya Di Kopitiam

If i hadnt been a lurker myself in here i wudnt have known that there was a thread about me. Ive tried so hard to keep myself off the radar but sadly ive been spotted through the crosshair of the buaya's sniper.

Ive been lurking in that forum for quite sometime now,and occasionally i'd contribute some thoughts there and by now i shud have known well to the consistent behavior of Malaysian forumers , particularly at the
casual conversation section , where crap is treated seriously.

Anyways , to thread starter, if u are reading this , hi m diena. Nice to meet u. Next time , if u want to post my picture , please dont choose the one with the morning faces and also , the permission to publish from me (its like asking a pedobear not to be entice with a fluffy white boy's arse , bounce bounce)

p/s : tlg la delete please. tq!


2PAC said...

hey diena,sorry meh cant reply yoh pm coz mah account has been temporarily suspended..anyhway nice 2 meet yoh too shawty!

Anonymous said...

pity u kena kacau by those guys.