Thursday, February 5, 2009


i'd even swear to any god or any other sacred stuff if u didnt believe me.

cite die canie

i was doing my thesis at bk's house, no, actually i was PLANNING to do my thesis , but before draining my brain until it goes raisined i decided to do some socializing in kopitiam and while i was busy "socializing" the electricity suddenly went off. Everywhere my vision served was pitched black!

so,me ,hafiq,wawan and pait went to lepak outside because it was started to he
ating up inside the house. Wawan brought his guitar and started to strumming a song , pait was being his gigily self and started to danced foolishly while me and bk started to light up our ciggy. While we were laughing and complaining about the situation , suddenly 4 of us look up to the sky in unison and I SWEAR TO GOD we saw this thing darted out from the sky. It lasted only for a few seconds , 5 if i could remembered correctly. Its came out of nowhere and penetrated through one of the clouds and vanished! just like that. The shooting star was strikingly beautiful and it was blaring in intensity of blueish-greenish.

At first being a skeptic myself , i didnt believe in what i just perceived , pfttt a shooting star? here in malaysia? silly right? but then if it was a firecracker , then why didnt i saw anythin
g rocketing up from the ground? why issit darted out directly from the open atmosphere? and and and if it was really really really a firecracker , why aren't they any sound near the vicinity? firecracker do produced sound dont they?

But maybe, just maybe there is a slightest possibility that,that
was only a firecracker , maybe a new one that doesnt trumpeting out any sound and maybe my eyes was deceiving my perception , and maybe the blackness of the night had conflicted the way i see things , but if all of that were a case , why did four of us see the same thing?

Even if it was a firecracker , i still think that it was the most amazingnest mind exhilarating,jaw dropping,eye popping,nose bleeding,and ear blasting experience that had ever happened in my entire 22 years (23 in the next 9 days,hint hint ppl!) of life. M sure i wouldn't be seeing anything like that again even if i were destined to be reincarnated for 5 times.

This is exactly what i saw only mine has less reddish color on it. Image of course courtesy from NASA .

p/s : i do made a wish for anyone who wondered. i hope it'd comes true,although even if it wasnt a shooting star , i'd still make the wishes possible by my own will and effort.


BabyCrownz said...

i selalu nampak masa kat sekolah kat langkawi dulu.. mmg ade kat malaysia, tp kat kl yg terang-benderang ngan lampu-lampuan mmg agak susah sikit nak nampak.. huhu

Anonymous said...

kat malaysia mmg ada, dulu aku slalu nmpk gak.. lagi2 kat kawasan kampung.

manusia ganjil ikan yu said...

the funny part is..

ada someone yang kalau nampak shooting star tu akan ckp tu adalah santau..

bende2 ni salu diperkatakan di kampung2...

cikudi said...

hahahha..same cam kazen aku ah..die pun nampak bende yg same..die cakap bende tu tuju tuju..aku da cam..wadeheylll..tak teknologi langsung

BabyCrownz said...

shooting star ngan tuju tuju tu lain ar.. dua² tu mmg ada.. huhu..