Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Cam Whoring Session in Class

i feel inadequately useless if i dont update my soon-to-be-shovel-deeply-into-the-grave blog. so to keep this blog undead like the zombies , i just post some of the photo that boboy captured with his new taskrin nokia.

with que and her suggestive post.

syam , sapentah.jpg, que and runal and belakang skali iwan in attempt to get into the frame

syam , budakapenie.jpg , que, ronald and aman in his attempt to get captured as well (complete with an emo expression)

boboy,boboy's rambut and i. and que's back (unfortunately not lower waist,demn gurlll~)

me and gasingboy.png dearly paan. comel kan. cam siput.

being short is god-given gift to me.

with the tudungnizer clan ya'll~

me and the future miss laki jepun mane ntah.

muke emo tak jadi.

kalau gambar itam putih je mesti nampak lawa. hahha

p/s : m too bored to even dance my hand on the kibod to arrange letters into forming the word "b.o.r.i.n.g"


Anonymous said...

u make me wanna cubit-cubit ur face :wub:

cikudi said...

u make me wanna cubit2 my face also :double wub:

spd said...

bukan ya ronald chua ka?nanas mali.aik.

cikudi said...

ronald chua la itu..hahha