Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Other Living Specimen

I was lurking under the nose of uncle google searching for any illustration reference that might be relevant for my final year project. I typed "alien food" just to get the idea of how it might look like so that i could branches out my ideas from there. So i clicked at one of the link that apparently appeared to be seemingly convincing.

But nor did i not convinced but i also thought that, this is the most ridiculous research ever.Like EVER!

And i shit u not,that man sounds so convincing that i think he actually believed in the made up stories he made for himself and for the rest of the believer. Gotta give him the credit for scrutinizing the details tho. I think he is the non-human himself. Maybe this is some sort of crappy-planned propaganda rising from the new world leader to messed up with our head.

I rest my case.

p/s : i believe there is a parallel universe and somewhere out there ,maybe just maybe there is someone like me,only a little talented and got pointy nose , but shes gotta be a boy. Then again my thoughts doesnt counts because im not only a firm believer in crap but also managed to dissuaded myself in discussing any serious matter about our current affair. mostly about our mentally corrupted and cash-motivated society (mostly the upper class corporate zombie) nowadays.


dian said...

hey, check out MAC latest promo. hello kitty limited edition. =)

cikudi said...

tauuuuuuu dahh~ sadly the cosmetic cost more than i could afford.. :(

dian said...

ha tu la pasaaaaal...the make up bag is super-cute not a big fan of hello kitty like u, but the makeup bag mmg cute. hihi

cikudi said...

i know i know..super duper gothic kindda cute..tape la..kumpul duit pelan2..makan sehari singgit..hello kitty punye pasal..hahah