Sunday, August 31, 2008

10 things that would made my Merdeka Eve a lot less suckier

My merdeka eve would be less suckier if : *the list may or may not be consecutively in order. deal with it like u deal with ur girlfriend extra scrotums right under her badly abused libia*

1. i could actually see the bursting fireworks all over the town instead of just hearing the sound

2. Brought my deodorant along because it wasnt all pleasant when ur armpit started to be dampen with whatever liquid that coming out from the sweat glands.

3. The place that we stayed wasnt so much of a shit hole and cost a lot more than ur mom's new boobs!

4.Genting was actually a magical province located somewhere in Europe.

5. i was not sober. i mean like super clean purely suci-ly murni-ly goody goody sober. true story. really! word of honor.

6.i didnt walk all the way from Ria Apart-shit-man to First World Hotel just to eat in another dimension of shit hole. only now it was full of living things. namely; the staff.

7.I'd had a little bit more courage.

8.I brought extra panties and didnt wore the same panties more than 24 hours.

9.I could then i would

10. I had a 4 dimensional pocket like the legendary homosexual Doraemon to put all my things inside instead of carrying my heavy duty bag wherever i go.I swear my right shoulder isnt symmetrically balanced with my left shoulder like it used to before.

Nevertheless, it was a fun night. I had fun messing with my good friends whom are pratically my family now. love love yah~

p/s : tade p/s