Wednesday, August 6, 2008


If there is one word to describe how tremendously fucking pissed off i am rite now it wud be..hmm let me think..well i cant think rite now..not with me losing half of my nonsensical drawing that i put on my desktop under the file i rename WorkInProgress.

Somehow,my pc,which i care and love and wud die for decided to pull a little trick on me called WINDOWS CORRUPTED!!

there's only 2 option left for me

1. Format my pc so that i could at least see the loading bar of windows xp


2. Wait there, hoping for technical miracle to happened.

obviosly no 2 is far out of reach coz as much as i love the idea of magic do works wonders, i couldnt run from the fact that this aint Hogwarts. I couldnt just sit there and waiting for colorful pixie dust flying all over my workstation and makes everything where it was again. I simply couldnt.

so,here i am. in front of my lovely pc ,with the face sour than a rotten pickles,trying to organize everything back to my preferences. I FUCKING LOST MY DRAWINGG!! THIS IS WORST THAN HAVING PERIOD ON THE FIRST DAY WHILE STRUGGLING WITH BAD DIARRHEA!!

I always been so cautios about my valueable files.I always put them on seperate folders out of the C:/ drive. But whyyyyyyyyyyy..whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..arghhhhhhhhhhhhh. I go to work every morning,i give money to beggars,i eat vege,i do sit up before i sleep,i didnt give in to my infatuation,i dedicate my life to my family, I am a good personnn. Why this has to happened to meeeeeeee!!!!

Skrang kene lukis balikkk laaaaaaaa..sial la..kimak anak haram j betol!



Anonymous said...

pity you need to draw everything all over again..chill out

Anonymous said...

hi... awk wat dwg pe?... technical drafting or art?... chk my blog k... c ya...

kelisa purple said...

nasib baik aku simpan........ kot..