Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Water Shortage

Misfortune seemed to be my bestfriend these past few days. But tonite was like the biggest hebatest coolest misfortune ever.

I came back from work at like 6-ish. As usual i will terus pegi at my room and turn on my computer (as if one day in front of the pc isnt enuff). Suddenly while i was happily cruising on the web ,chaq with her sembab face came to me

Chaq : weh..umah tade air eh?

Diena : ko biar betul weh *terus lari ke paip berdekatan dan terus bukak paip*
Diena : BABI AHH BABI AHHH BABI AHH MANAGEMENTTT!!! (*&!(@*&(*^$@(_(+_2_@*#_*230 (to be replaced with the most extreme profanity towards the sensitive issue of racism)

Chaq : sabar diena sabar sabar.

Diena : ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (those grunted effectively burned 70lbs of my calories)

So we were left with 3 lousy options

1. Go back to my mom's place
2. tumpang umah kawan mane2
3. gi mandi kat toilet suming pool bawah

Eventualy, we choose the 3rd one. So with unshaven legs and undergarmentless both of us went downstairs. To our suprise,there were a whole lot bunch of people whom seemed to be facing the same problem as we do. So muke aku nie tade la malu sangat cam muke setinggan kan ngan towel sangkut kat leher and sambil cradled baldi loaded with my toiletries.

We mandied dalam toilet jantan dengan pintu yg tak bole kunci. Luckily my showe bottle bole jadi sendal.Thanks to the rempits, i spent 20 seconds showering in the dark.

Diena : this is the most embarassing moment. pathetic sial kite.

Chaq : tu ah die doh.. demnit..klaka la sial

Mungkin sebenarnye care aku cite nie tade cam kelakar sangat. but it was totally hilarious when it happened. Da ah. Nak tido. tade mood.

ps : internet makin lame makin cam PA ALIP NUN TAT!

Click at the picture for much clearer visual look of how terel i am in illustrator


rage said...

terer terer!!

mandi 20secs : sah kambing pun segan ngan lu

illustrator thing : wa nak learn seyh! dia cam leh ilang2kan baju tak beb? *grin*

haih! pathetic wa memalam baca blog org!

..aizuddin.. said...

cam orang dulu2 nak gi basoh kain kat perigi