Sunday, October 17, 2010

Memory Loss Syndrome = MLS

I hate it when i cant remember the words that accurately explains certain situation/stuff/behavior.

When this happened , i got utterly frustrated and tried so hard to squeeze every bits of my brain juice to work to conjure back those missing words.

I think i might have the early symptom of Memory Loss Syndrome. MLS.
MALAS more like it!


MLS nak membaca like i used to.
MLS nak menulis like i was once before
MLS nak refer to dictionary when i come across a new vocab that i arent familiar with. That used to be a good habit of mine but along the way , i think that habit gradually faded away. I think the internet turn me into this.

Internet sucks away my fondness towards the beautiful wireframe of words and books.

I wanted to be a writer when i graduated from MMU. I was so certain and determine that i can be a good writer because of my fondness with writing and bullshiting.

But now , all that dream and hope had been flushed away down the dirty sewer along with my passion and motivation.

Im not a writer , just a day dreamer with an unlimited access to internet , a crazy typing skill and quick brain reflex.

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danial_family88 said...

ko boleh jadi penulis... hari2 ade org bace penulisan ko kat blog ni.. so teruskan menulis... thumb up 4 u miss