Monday, October 18, 2010

Mat Rempit is not all bad you know.

I think Mat Rempit is an overrated understatement.

We treat this subculture as if they were low , as if they were as good as dead.

Why do we all have these pre-conceived misunderstanding idea about Mat Rempit?

I tell ya why.

It is because of the media who exaggerated the whole issue. And because of this approach , Mat rempit think that they are like what the mass media dress them to be.

So they act like what has been commonly broadcasted.

"Baik kita buat betul2 dari org dok fitnah2 tapi kita tak buat" - this mindset probably had been instilled in their mind.

Who to blame? The Media? Society? The so-called culprit themselves?

I dont know. Maybe bits of everyone.

You know what mat rempits are good for?

The military. The Enforcement.

If one day , when some low population country is trying to wage war with ours , these mat rempit are going to be the fruit of the country because of their bravery and flaming spirit of protecting whats theirs.

And they come in bundle of flock too. How convenience is that?

Just promised them some token of appreciation, maybe a new ride , or perhaps a class on how to improve their manner.

or if i were filthy rich , i'd open a center of education where my sole purpose of objective is how to improve their spelling. and language for that matter.

Im not backing up Mat Rempit , but im viewing this from a more neutral angle.

I know how it feels to be the one who get hurtful and bad worst being thrown at.


danial_family88 said...

hahahaha tak sangke ko tulis pasal mat rempit,btw mcm mn ko leh tergerak hati nak tulis pasal ni diena..???

Nick said...

ada kengkawan mat rempit kott..

capiz said...

btol gak 2..think positively..sume bnd ad pro n

shinyo said...

i ride to go to work,does that makes me mat rempit too??hehehe

Neo'D said...

Mat Rempit should build up their profession in transporting n logistic industry perhaps. They will good at it... seriously....

Ayeem Jemain said...

yes, tak semua mat rempit jahat, and tak semua yg naik motor tu mat rempit. :p

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