Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello , I have haters :)

To those who followed my FB 50 vids page might have notice a little turbulence of haters hitting on our stream last nite.

Huh these haters , doesnt have anything to do other than to flatter themselves by belittling other people.

And the funny thing is , they dont even know us.

And what was even more funnier is other persons , who heard about this ,choose to settled with the baseless comment they heard instead of thinking rationally.

But i guess that what haters do , putting bad images on other people just so their mediocre life look more interesting in the day light.

I wonder what u haters do at night , weeping at the lack of inches in your pants , or for girls , wailing hysterically because of your distasteful physical features.

Kalau da kurang elok tu at least perangai bagi la elok sket.


Arip said...

Maybe Haters ni kerja mereka waktu malam stalking other people's fb kot.

cikudi said...

maybe :)

rosebiwu~ said...

actually both of u are really sempoi..i like those vids..teruskan berkarya..=)

boreD zombIE said...

not a fan of bustin jieber his share of haters suggest that those admired will have their own hate pies thrown at them.

tho that is not the point, people should learn to keep their on envy and jealousy in check.

get a life

shee said...

agreed kakak!