Friday, October 15, 2010

Call me Cik Wok!

Friday night,

Hmm the most celebrated day of the week for most working class. This is the day where you planned where your weekend is gonna be? Be it lazying around the house , going out for dancing in the moonlight or simply just hanging out with friends.

I used to be one of those , those weekly carefree individuals who can go out and be free-minded all through weekend without any work to be worried about , at least not for the weekend.

But guess what im doing this weekend?


yes work.

How could someone worked from Monday to Friday and STILL have work to do on SATURDAY AND SUNDAY?

Dont laugh! That is not even remotely funny and crucially depressing.

And does it make it even more odd if i announce that i dont really mind the workload? that i actually pretty much ENJOYING every bits of this excruciating moment?

Am i delirious or plain delusional?

Call me Cik Wok because i think ive been plagued with ever so overrated viral of workaholic.

Anyways , being too immerse with work doesnt halt me from camwhoring!

hehe. Im such an handful sort of character arent i?


Screw you!


Nani said...

ello diena.u inspired me in a way.zenkiu! =D

teddyuna said...

diena u ni mesti workholic ^_^