Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I can COOK as good as i SLEEP!

Hello dearest you,
Its good to be back home where i can just lay around butt-nakedly without any prying eyes try to scrutinize me in and out.As all of us already know,our nation had been enjoying 3 days weekend and like others , i deem its not wise to exploit my free days being passive and decided to fully utilized the time in good use.

So my sister and i went to TESCO and bought all the necessity needed to cook. Yes , we do cook and we cook good.Not to brag but usually the food we cook taste a little bit like pieces of heaven but it gets better in every chew because not only our main ingredient is love but also a few secret herb and spices , if u know what i mean.

My sister decided to cook pasta sauce and me , being the older sister , which is cleverer by nature decided to make an even challenging dish which was a Shepherd pie. Its tough tho doing such that when ur basic knowledge of cooking only stretch as far as knowing how to operate a microwave to warmth up a mass-produced commercial frozen food. But eventually the credit goes to me when the dishes turn out heavenly scrumptious. Well at least i know that all those experimental session doesnt waste in vain.

Anyhoooo ,words only goes as far as picture-less memory would tell but fret not for here i present to u the magical method of telling story with a, PHOTO. BEHOLDDDD ~ tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa~.

Ughh this crap is getting old. Anyways , allow me to depict our fun filled cooking time in the drapery of pictures.

Firstly , i mixed all the ingredients together to make its filling. I dont really measure my ingredients because i cook by heart and i have an excellent taste-buds too!

my ever so crowded kitchen with all the ingredient scattered around.

vaining while cooking.

This is an heavily abused potato. hahaha.

Aliff , miya's bf came to the rescue for our shortage of salt.

The filling is done and now time to shift it from wok to a proper container.

After the first layer , i sprinkled mozzarella cheese all over the surface. I love cheese.

More and more cheeeese~

Vigorously whipped potato and sheperd pie beef filling.

Now layer down the whipped potato on top of the already flatten-out filling until it covered the whole area.

Like this!

Can u see the awesomeness? Yeah me to , i dont see it either.

Finger food.

The pie : 1 day old. Verdict : Heated 2 times which resulted in heavy flowing of melted cheese in between. AWESOME!

Ugh its getting late , and m doing something for my lover boi. Do i hear custom croc shoe? Ill post it soon , if i feel like it. Until then , good nite now.


Anonymous said...

i luv elmo :)

nab said...

OMG i pon buat gak. time pose ritu. ngahahaha. potato is awesome food.