Friday, August 28, 2009

A little missive over the rainbow

As a half-blogger and half-slacker , i should have more time on my side to do anything as my heart desired. And that anything should be in context of fun , interesting , unstressed , unrestrained activities. And those activities ought to end up with endless of indelible memories which deserved to be told in global scale , if not national.

but how come u dont see me writing those stuff?

simple hasty conclusion,

i dont enjoy parading and showcasing my life to public. For all u know , it may be use against me someday , who knew eh? Theres loads of masked predators out there , just waiting to snap and sunk their teeth deep inside ur skin. brrr shivers much.

As much as i love writing , i also believe in the preserving of one privacy , which can be told and which should be saved. Robbing ur own privacy , violating your own right of concealment , those should be a crime stated in the law tho. Its like committing suicide , only this time it wont claim ur soul.

Anyways , i have nothing against bloggers who enjoy documenting their life-story at large it just that sometime im quite uncertain , or better yet quizzical of what they trying to convey. So to end the confusion that often occured , i just told myself that they are just your everyday attention seeker. Dont take that the wrong way , because to be honest, deep inside , everyone is an attention seeker . Heck , i am too.

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