Friday, September 18, 2009

I Pimped a shoe and i like it.

Hello dearest reader,
Welcome once again to my self-indulging activities series of How-To. Sometimes boringness can be turn into a work of an art and boil up the old sticky creative juice in u.

Anyways , here is the product that risen from the feeling of boreness. This rejected mass produced croc shoe was bought by my darling dearest at Petronas SS2 . He said there was a guy who was selling this at the back of his car trunk.Altho appeared to be suspicious , he bought it with a jaw-dropping price of RM30 . The quality is not bad compared to the original CROCs except one or two loosen thread which could be easily mended by just cutting it off. The only different i could spot is the croc white label at the edge of the shoes which isnt really obvious.

At first look , i thought the shoe is coo and kindda ordinary. The material is wearable and isnt this too plain? This call for a make over emergency. So here is the result from my itchy hand.

p/s : Note to self - Needles are sharp , and when in contact with skin it will result in bearable pain. Next time focus when sewing instead of watching The Simpsons.


Imran Yusof said...

pas nie bleh wat business jual kasut plak :D

cikudi said...

hahahha..insyaallah bole kot..ikot kemampuan diri la..

cikudi said...

hahahha..insyaallah bole kot..ikot kemampuan diri la..

adela said...

comel la.Kalau tak kisah, nak tanye, yg benda mcm sponge yg kalerful tu apa huh??where did u get tht stuff??