Friday, September 4, 2009

The day that i burnt my cookies and make another one all over again.

Hello hie dearest dearie dearer,
Let me tell u something about baking. For me baking is like a therapy , it is tiring yet satisfying , time-consuming yet rewarding , soliciting yet liberating. It somehow rejuvenates my inner-self and temporarily neutralize my emotion unless of course if ur baking doesnt turn out the way u want them to be which i often experienced even with a shitload of practice. I am no natural baker so mind u , but hey at least im trying and learning now.

Anyways , last weekend i tried to make a kuih , not kuih raya but kuih for myself to munch while watching my partially-illegal downloaded series. So here i present to u loadshit of pictures i captured while baking alone in the middle of the nite.

Firstly , ready on ur apron and oven mitt. This is mine , my mummy bought it for me.

A good luck kiss from mummy before i started baking but i know deep inside she was worried sick about me damaging her well built kitchen.

Secondly , prepare ur ingredients before hand to make ur baking session more convenient,

Let me explain to u about the ingredients in details because and just because i have so much time. I am not a sore loser yet but slowly progressing to that. Anyways, here it goes.

Here we have corn flakes , the one that u usually see on the shelf of supermarket. Its the essential ingredient for making this cookies because duhh~ its called cornflakes kuih la plak kan.As u can see , i bought an econo pack because quite frankly i know that half of it would waste in vain.

This is vanilla essence which i like to call magic liquid. It makes everything taste and smell better. The other one on the left side is rose essence that i used just because i want to experiment things.

Here we have the condiments. I only used the chocolate chips because others are useless. The green and red cherries turned out to be sour. yek.

Then we have honey. Honey honey honey , lots of moneyy, in the rich man world~

Another garnish to provide a hint of fruity taste.

dont forget the cup. u can use whatever sizes u want because for me size doesnt really matter , its the heart that count.

a clean big enough to fit ur mother plastic bowl.

another important necessity is baking utensils.

and lastly and also especially when u are baking alone , make sure to have something to substitute the presence of human being. As for me , i choose watching dvd . I dont really watch it but it makes me feel a little less lonely and it extract any horrific feeling out of me.

Now lets start baking.

Make sure to wash ur hand before start doing anything because its disgusting when u found a shit-like some sort of brownish debris inside ur food.

We will start with pouring out the whole content of cornflakes into the supposedly clean bowl.

The next and probably most crucial step is adding the honey. Unlike others , u cant simply substitute honey with any sticky substance because i cant think of another sticky material other than ur routinely excreted body wastage. yes u boy , u filthy filthy boy.

Next , by using a wooden sudip like mine , gently mixed the flakes and honey together.

Add more honey so that u would appear 10 times more sweeter even if u owned a freak by nature type of face. This i dnt promise u but hey u could do some creative experiment with it , after all its the personality that really tie the knot. ha ha ha , ok that was a sarcastic laugh. but yeah really.

No this is not a vampire tears if u were assuming it in the first place. It might look like a urinal discharge of some crack head but luckily its not because this is a vanilla essence and no , i dont know why its black because as far as m concern vanilla always relate to white color. Pour the liquid evenly on the flakes. Pour it with the only dignity u had left.

Kacau kacau kacau sampai sebati ye tuan2 dan puan2

This might be a unicorn tears but i choose not to believe because if it was then santa would had been real by now. Anyways , this is a Rose essence , at least that is what they put on the nicely printed label. The function of this liquid is unsignificant because it did nothing other than adding an unidentified flavor which is not all bad i think.

At first glance this would look like a rabbit shit to u but after some squinting and focusing , u might notice that this is a choc chip. Chocolate awesome i tell u.

kacau kacau lagi. sebati kan adunan.

More shitlike choc chip. Lucky thing it doesnt taste like one , not that i tasted some but sometimes u can just figure out the flavor just by smelling it.

Another dipshit like ingredient that turned out to be a mix fruit.

Pour the whole content in our bowl but not the plastic because it would be an act of suicide or just an act of stupidity.

Now put aside ur big bowl of insanity and start arranging the small cup inside the tray. The formation of arranging this cup is up to ur likings. U can use different color if u like but that would suggest u are a racist because hey color is only skin deep right? or issit beauty? whichever i failed literature in highschool.

Oven was already heated before hand because i am a very thoughtful person and u are not. ha ha!

After finishing arranging those small cups , now its the time to put the mixing in the cup. Its kindda tricky to do this but once u started u will get the hang of it. Its required some skill i like to called patience.

Yeah thats me doing it and by IT i meant putting those flakes onto their designated cup.

tekun dan bersungguh2.

Looking good right? i am so good i even surprised myself sometime.

Tray of heavenly mixed cookies are ready to be place into a pre-heated oven.

Still baking.

10 minutes after baking. Still looking good.

30 minutes after baking. Burn baby burn! Make sure u are unoccupied with other things in ur hands or mind. Namely , quarreling with ur boifren and forget that u have cookies in ur oven with 180Farenheit degree of hotness. Dont do this at home.

Mr nigger and Mr white. No m not racist , m just color blind. Anyways , another batch is waiting to be baked all over again.

Tadaaa~ looking much better.

This is the final product.

The boifren menangis sebab girlfriend dia marah and tak bagi makan cookies. Neh~ just kidding , he was just sleeping.

3 little stooges. Sedap!

Till then. tata now.

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