Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm a 1337 , everywhere is 1337 , 1337 is the shiznit yaw ... and some raya news.

Assalamualaikum dearest readers,
Aku tanak cita pasal macammana the first hari raya went for this year. It was nothing interesting to be yapping about other than we two sisters practically parentless during the first dawn of takbir raya.

We woke up kindda late for this glorious festive day compared to previous years , after dolling up ourself which didnt take that long because we are genetically equipped with natural goodness , we went to chu's house to beraya with her family and also our beloved non-senile grandmama. The funny thing was , i gave her RM50 for duit raya and she returned the same amount back by giving me RM50 for duit raya. My deeds has been deducted and the score remained the same which was always null , hahaha.

After eating what could have been pre-heated dishes from last night dinner, we , my sister and i went to hafiq's house and his parent greeted us with extra love hahaha. The food was continuously flirting with my taste buds because it tasted sooo good , sooo good until it put me to sleep. what with hafiq's heavenly room with artificial cool air blowing from the a/c , i could not order my eyelid to stay wide open because i succumbed to the situation , willingly.

So after waking up to what seemed to be forever , miya and i fetched popo up at wan's residing place and rocketed back to monterez because papa was waiting to send us off to Subang Airport. Yada yada yada , went into the plane , yada yada yada arrived at Penang one hour later.

Now im at penang , tired , exhausted to my last bone and could never been happier to see mummy again.

Tapi tu lah , malas gila nak cita pasal apa terjadi untuk raya tahun nie. Buat penat jari je.

Anyways , looks what ive noticed on my facebook. Click to see large picture (some offensive statement for MAN U fans included). I dont planned for this , it just happened which means i am a true 1337.

Selamat hari raya if i forget to mentioned it before.

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