Sunday, May 3, 2009

That night where i almost punch his face. Almost!

Tempat : Mamak
Time : Malam
Mission : Beli rokok

There was only one ciggy stick left in the box so i decided to buy another one for my companion tonite. I walked at the counter located at the corner of the shop.

dw : mamak bagi marlboro merah 14 satu
mamak : *amek rokok kat counter* Nah! *rude much~*

The mamak gave me the red medium pack of marlboro rudely but despite his astrocios behavior , i still have the sanity to took the packet politely and with grace my mom taught me while growing up. I hold the packet firmly and look at it. Suddenly i felt the air around me stop , the distinct sound of ppl chattering and muttering gradually faded away , the time has been momentarily frozen.

dw : err aneeee~ *sambil goyang kepale cam yg pemenan toink toink toink dalam teksi tu*
mamak : apa lu mau lagii?
dw : err..bole saya mintak rokok perisa kaki tak?
mamak : mana ada perisa kaki..kaki saya ada mau?
dw : *cakap sambil ketap bibir* tak neeeeeeeeeee...saye nak gambar kaki
mamak : apasai lu tamau itu gambar..very prettyy..very beutifulll..veryyy cuteee~..merah sana merah sini
dw : aku taknak isap rokok anak alien la cib-..neeeeeeee~ *almost lose it* bagi je la gambar kaki

the man with black mask handed me over the packet and i walked away vowed never not to return to this particular mamak again.


Anonymous said...

This would be a good investment to overcome this problem:

NIce ciggy boxThe lighter is attached together too.

cikudi said...

no its ok..i decided to stop smoking..but not now


i think we should put mamaks on the cigarette boxes..that'll help more for people to stop smoking~

preludetoeternity said...

kasik lempang je mamak camtu..

Shahriza said...

i believe
women who smoke they prefer gambar kaki
men who smoke
they prefer gmbr alien ahahahaha

cikudi said...

i couldnt agree more with u mr..true indeed

Azfa said...


azammm said...

hahhaha hentak je mamak tu.
cabot misai dia. gagaga

ClumsySyafiq said...

LOL Shahriza!

Mamak tu tak suka kau isap rokok.. tu yang dia buat camtu..

Dayana said...

Uh.. sama lah.. hari tu aku nak beli rokok kat BP 15.

Laki tu dah pegang rokok gambar kaki, tapi dia lepaskan tangan dia pastu dia amik rokok sebelah tu, gambar alien. burits.

cikudi said...

stended ah tu..mmg cam sial kan deorang..babi je..kite kene buat organisasi wanita menyokong rokok perisa kaki

armouris said...

info tentang rokok kat sini - Some Facts About Tobacco

Anonymous said...

mmg lawak la case nih...