Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ketumbuhan yg annoying

I dont know where have i gone these past few months but it seemed that something had been growing discreetly inside me. My acknowledgment regarding this natural hidden development is null and unacceptable considering i am the bearer of this preposterous evolution. Its not only revealed its unpleasant feature to the world but also a down right annoyance that scarred my emotion , badly.

DUCK U WISDOM TOOTHHHH!!! why do u have to partially exist in between my gum. cant u be as normal as other wisdom teeths out there , flourishing to its full form, grow luxuriantly. Why do u have to be such a effin pain in the effin ass?

tlg la, gigi tumbuh separuh2 tak kelakar ok.


Just_najmiE said...

hey I have one!! (^^,)

Kuyem said...

gigi tumbuh maknanya still ada chance utk membesar.

Imran Yusof said...

lol :D