Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I was this close to insanity and then BAAMMMM!! i ter-jizz in my pants

this past 72 hrs has been the craziest and most hectic moment i had ever encountered in my 22 years of breathing the unseen air, 'cept for those first few minutes of my birth when i first popped out from my mom's <insert any candy's name here> disguised as a usb thumbdrive. get it? usb? plugged in? into the socket? no? fffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! to be fair i didnt get it either.

anyways, tmrw is my final of the grandmother hell of a final submission, meaning that my years of study is coming to and end. Currently my application is perfect for a deaf person to play because all those sound fx havent been added yet. Later m going to cinta hati's house and hes gonna apply his magic touch to me , i mean for me, and by magic touch i mean his skill of sound editing and by for me i mean for my application and by application i mean my <insert anything that tingles ur jingles>

After eating yesterday spaghetti that his mom cooked m off to subang. The taste of the sauce is so significant. Its like a lap dance on my taste bud , only better coz i dont have to pay any of those stripper to please me. And by stripper i mean sexy jizzy cover magazine male figure wearing a sexual harassment panda's costume (refer South Park Episode)

Anyways , here are some pictures of me doing it with an invisible <insert anyone who had died for the past couple of year because of global warming, might be someone relatively close to u,might be not.>

p/s: wish me luck ppl! u gotta wish me luck goddammitt! if u are not then so help me that i would burn ur asses to ashes,and by then even the black ppl dont welcome u in their community.TODDLES!


izzyzatt said...

hahaha!!! good luck mate!

ammar said...

Gud LUck..
Esok my thesis will be 'jilid'
Hrp2 bley antar lusa... YEAH