Saturday, May 9, 2009

The day that i become one step closer in mating with technologies

Everyday i pray , denting my knee cap on the ground ,beseeching every single seconds that this day would be far away from my life time. I know i would never be ready for this , no one will be able to endure this hurricane of self realization.

But i miscalculated , Ive been trying so hard to push it away , hiding behind the great wall of truth. The more i deny the veracity , the more it swim onto the surface of my life. Trying to unearth itself , trying to acknowledge its true form for the world to learn , parading its pride.

Today I wake up , and see it appear on my screen. Smiling to me , the face , the face implying that succession has been planted. That no matter how far i ran away , it would only make me closer to him. From my heart i know that this will never go away , its like a tumor in my brain , getting bigger and stronger , uncureable.

Today i wake up and see this


I know i could never go back in being a normal person for i am now an ultimate 1337-ers beyond a person could be.

p/s : sapa tak paham padan muka.


Yol said...

memang ade ke mende alah ni?

cikudi said...

ade la yol..taapi die dapat kat org yg cool cam aku je..

Anonymous said...

owh..ingat nak tunjuk lurah dendam kau

Eman said...

aku dah lama dah pakai |337 tuh hehe cool kan