Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Nothing But Happy Thoughts

I know u want to die ,
I know world isnt fair , life isnt fair
Everything seem too good to be true , too superficial to be achieved
I know you want to be seen , to be known , to be at least remembered,

I know u are jealous , u let anguish overpowering ur heart until it turn up to be an ugly hairy monster u urself cannot control,
I know u want everyone to die , to deceased, to vanished, to get suck into the vortex until not even a single cells survive,

I know u didnt planned to conceived that little spawn of urs ,
I know u arent ready to have an accidental baby,
I know u are sad and beyond devastated when he walked away , run to be exact

Come sit on my chair ,
take my place as u please
Adapt urself with my lifestyle
Take my life and make it ur own
Look if u can handle this other life than yours,

Gray area , so vague , so transparent yet so lucidly presented,
You dont have to hold dirty grudges,
Just smile and smear those hope dust all over ur eyelid,
Hoping that everything will work out eventually,
Wishing that one sweet day will arrive,
Knowing that everything is already been fatefully written upon you.

p/s : nuthing to do with anyone. m just taking a break from menganimasikan my application. so bored. damien rice inspires me to my very last bone.

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