Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Facelift and a few updates.

New layout. not mine. copy wit consent here.

why red? because m getting my menstrual cycle anytime soon. and because red is the only color that represent two different words that are totally contradict to each other which are LOVE AND HATE.

red also indicate the color of Durex "LOVE" which by far i think is the most cutest box in history of latex product.

Anyways little update :

1. My mom birthday is this friday and all of us gonna celebrate it on saturday which is also this so called "Earth Hour" day

2. Which bring me to my second point , although the campaign appeared to be seemingly convincing but in reality it doesnt serve any purpose to the cause of delaying green house effects. stupid advertising ppl. do u know that it takes 2 times the energy to switch on the electricity? so tell me where is the logic behind this campaign if all of us gonna switch on the lights one hour later at the same time? thats millions of light bulbs! This whole event is nuthing but just a mere publicity propaganda created by those who cant face the reality of recession thus initiated and execute this event to gain more money from our senseless society.

3. My plan for today : continue sketching , eat (i have to seriously remind myself about the existence of food) , drag hafiq along to watch "Confession of a Shopaholic" , tbc.

4. Start digitalizing my sketches. Adobe Illustrator is a good lover ,take me up down side to side ,any position i desired. blergh~


singing and signing off. ciao.

p/s : grow up. dont harbour any feelings towards the history you created. learn to accept things that arent urs anymore.

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