Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Merging Of Two Love Birds

For centuries pictures, photo or visual has been widely known as one of the substitute to compressed and sum up thousand of words in just one rectangular shape . So believing in those ideology , i'd just post pictures from last weekend trip to Malacca for my cousin engagement instead.

Anyways , the trip was fun despite the humid climate i had to endure. I for once support the cause of delaying greenhouse effects.

p/s : all the pictures are not consecutively in orders. deal with it.

the apple of my eyes Nur Erisya Dania.

My sister , cousin and the lord of happyland.

the greatest aunt and the superiorest mom in the whole wide wide parallel universe.

the soon-to-be pengantin.

the ultimate sibs.

the progenitor of our beautiful genes.


Anonymous said...

oh dayam, cant decide between u and ur sis.

can i just have both? <3

cikudi said...

what are u? king of the world?

Anonymous said...

u (and ur sis) wanna be my queen? <3

cikudi said...

keep on dreaming my fren keep on dreaming

Anonymous said...

sebijik sial muka korang...mcm drone

poket_kencang said...

dun worry my girl..i'll save u from the drooling guy..ohh diena~