Saturday, February 13, 2010

Twenty Four is the new 19

Twenty. Four.

Twenteen. Foor.

Twitty Foul.

Twat Fur.

Toon tie Fough.


Dua Peluk Empat.

Tua Peluh Hampat.

Jua Puluh Lampard?

No matter what ways i pronounced it , or reconstructed the words , jumbled up the letters , it still contains the same meaning. The meaning i would not want to accept but have to because only superheroes or time traveler can defy time. Me on the other hand is neither of those both so going against god will is un-feasible. Although i still have the power of dreaming. Its not healthy but it keeps me going.

Twenty four. 24. I was once 23 , am still now but not soon. Time flown by so quick , as quick as my money vaporize into the thin air. Funny thing is ,I never really grasp the concept of trading but living in these world nowadays i got no say on this.As a human I have to accept on being brainwash to practiced the activity until somehow down the line ive been used to it and have to live with it , breath with it , maybe even die because of it. Money sheesh~ what wouldn't we do for u?

I used to think that as my age increases , I'd desire something big , something more and more in sense of materialism. I am 24 now , i am not too old but i don't want something big and superfluous anymore. I am done being complex because complexity attracts death and i have much more to live for. The world is much more calm , serene and simple when u extract all the hazardous thoughts and the neediness in you. Trust me , i am still learning.

It has always been about what I WANT!

I want new dresses to wear for my girls night out

I want these - digital lomo cam VQ1015 because suddenly i think that lomo is cool. (lomo was not cool before because i have no interest in capturing pictures , i still do actually but with a little less intensity)

I want new 1tb hardisk to store all my LEGAL COPY of series/movies/music and other rare materials that u only earn in heavy digging of resource. This i would not want to share.

Needless to say , the cutest vehicle ever produced i'd like to add.

I could list thousands but not millions , things / stuffs/materials etc that i want but where do i put an end to that. It would be an endless inventory of my wishes and hunger for materialism. A starvation that scientist and fellow sages could not cure until now. The greatest disease that plagued humankind since the world was a tiny seed. Man kill each other in order to triumph and obtain possession over materialism.

I ponder , and i don't like the idea of blood shedding.

Now i only focus on what I NEED.

I need a good health . Checked.

I need a good life. Checked.

I wish that someone as great as Napoleon Bonarpate would come and rescue me from my world of lonesome and boredom. Checked. (No , he is not interested in world domination or continent for that matter)

I need love from all different aspects of life , perspectives and levels. DOUBLE CHECKED.

I need friend who would be there when i need them. Checked.

A parents who would stand by me , love me and would not disowned me by any means. Checked.

I need a car to move around. Checked.

I need money to buy food. Checked.

A roof above my head. Checked. (currently it's leaking but it's alright)

(the list goes on but i wont continue because that would be bragging)

So why the hell do i want anything else when i already have everything that i need? Isn't the fundamental motive of living is to stock up on necessity , not bloat it up.

So for my birthday , I'd want nothing else more than i already have. I am happy because i am being surrounded by all these gifted/talented/loving/bubbly/loving/supportive/sugar spice and everything nice/awesome circle of people.

Regardless , i still and do accept gifts/present/leprechaun as a pet/hugs for my birthday.

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day People.

and Happy Birthday Diena Wong. Congrats u make it this far , i thought u would not see another sky blue day when u fall down from ur bike and plunged into the drain when u were 11. true story. i was traumatized and didnt ride a bike ever since.

Birthday Girl,
dw :)

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Azlan Zahari said...

aku suka lagu 24! hehe