Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Speending week because this week is a special week :)

Prior to my coming born day which is on u know when , i decided to splurge on a new wardrobe which means countless apparel on discounted price. So this week i call "SPEND LIKE U NEVER KNOW THE MEANING OF BEING POOR" because next week i have hell to pay. And one blazing hot hell while at it. phew~

Below are new occupants of my closet that i've collected from Saturday until Monday and there are more to come because money just fall from the sky like us human intended it to be.

There was a note on my desk , and it reads...

It is from my lovely sister and yes I LOVE IT SOO MUCH! though calling me fat is mean but still i love it! thank u baby sis ;)

Here is the dress she bought for me as my birthday present. :)

Maxi dress , light turquoise gradient skirt that i bought for far lesser price and a dark grey dress from Miya Wong.

Three leggings with same color only different motives.

Lacey legging that i'd only put on anywhere with less light and less prying eyes.

Slashed legging that i bought online. This legging could be use as a clever disguised for my unshaven leg.

A bargained price studded tops i get from a recent bazaar at Rasta, TTDI.

Baby's expression from seeing me doing things that arent profitable and also could possibly be from the exhaustion of observing me changing into clothes one after another.

Cute pins i got from (see paperbag)

Studded bag i bought also at bazaar for last-piece price.

Mostly basics wear. See the pink tag? Those are the discounted tags so basically i paid only quarter of what it were all really worth. There are 7 pieces all together.

Little cute pompoms that i bought at Daiso. Honestly i dont know these things are meant for but i'd creatively figure something fun to do with it.

By the way , come to think of it , this whole spending money on inedible material kindda contributing positively towards my weight loss because the more money i spend on impulsive buying the less money i have to buy food. See how i make things easier for me and others?

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