Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ehem , my maturity hasnt grow that much as i thought

Look what Diena recklessly bought over the internet? I know that m gonna regret buying this and it would be another useless junk in my big pile of unused stuff but



that would be another week issue so until then m gonna enjoy this poorly engineered camera to the last bits.

Besides , i have good bargain on this . Pretty little figure for one camera , 2gb SD card , 4 jelly lenses for RM1** . Now that i think about it , this is nothing near reckless at all , in fact it is now a perfectly clever buy in all perspectives.

Im gonna post pictures taken by this camera soon! If not , consider m already getting bored with this product.


Far said...

where did u buy this cam?murah giler, plaza low yat ke?

silly said...

could u like post up a few pictures that u took with this camera? how do u like get the pictures? digitally or what? so interesting!