Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A bad bad weird dream.

Just a quick twitch. Its nothing really , just one of those random moment that i have to put my dreams into words. Why? Because it was vaguely indelible. It was indefinitely enduring that somehow along the process of dreaming , I shamelessly cried. Almost immersed in the character i was playing in my own dream , I cried , and for a petty reason too. How sad is that?

So here is what i remember or almost dismember.

I was in Genting and somehow in this carnivale or a circus or something very uprising. I see lots of neon lights blaring all over my view. Throng of peoples coming towards me but not at me for that matter. So for some reason i was being trusted to take care of this pet cat. I dont know whose but it end up under my supervision.

So being surround by lots of confusing crowd , i somehow lost track of time and space. I got carried away with all the game and flashing prizes. I lost the cat. I panicked and suddenly i see myself wearing this white cloth. I dont see how is that even relevant but anyhow my journey continues with the dream camera moving forward very rapidly.

The motion was worrying because i can hear myself pacing agonizingly. I was following the cat , trying very hard to catch it. Apparently the cat was unbelievably fast. I can hear my breath going unsteadily as I tried to catch up with the demonic possessed super-speed kitty. It was a kitten mind u.

And this was where the weird part started to begins. Bare with me as I am trying very hard to conjole every single details as i could while listening to one of many disappointing track of Muse latest album.

So i was running and trying to catch the cat but every attempts were futile.Suddenly the cat somehow morphing into a man? A MAN? I swept my eyes trying to digest what is happening. He got lost into the crowd. His face was like someone i never knew. He glanced at me and disappeared into a jam packed of people. I was stunned , paralyzed by the moment.

The next thing i knew i was being chased away because I did not done my duty well. The owner of the cat appeared to be very angry. I felt useless. And what make it worse was that my lover boi was the leader of the mob , suggesting everyone to hate me and shun me away from the area.

I was devastated and cried along the way. I decided to return home by feet. All the way to kl from Genting by walking , in the midst of night , alone , a girl alone in the night walking solitarily without no one to offer their companionship to her.

I cried so hard that i felt my cheek was wet with tears. I woke up and call my boifren immediately. He comforted me by saying everything rainbowss and poniess and candiess. Those sweet words coming out from his mouth always made me feels better .It was just a bad bad weird dream he said.

A bad bad weird dream.