Monday, October 12, 2009

Cut my heart , see whats peeking from inside.

Hello or should i say scram off~
Today was not a good day. I feel useless and the feeling seems to grow bigger and bigger , eliminating my confidence and self-esteem i used to proudly wear. I hate how i react and treat people whenever m feeling shitty especially to the people i love and care. I know its wrong , i know its selfish and i also know its hurtful but yet i didnt stop. This lifestyle m dragged to live has to be over.

I cant wait for Master class to begin because frankly , i am bored , i am directionless and i am sure one hellava mess. My emotion is in distress , it is always in distress whether i realize it or not. Maybe the fact that it has been consistently in distress for a very long time make the differentiation between dismay and delight almost impossible.

I am not a happy girl , though my appearance may suggest otherwise.

Then again maybe this is just hormone talking. My menstrual cycle is around the corner , and i tell u the bitch is getting meaner and meaner each time she hit me.

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