Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stress-free day

Today was nice,
Woke up as early as the bird to sent mummy to airport .She was boarding to Penang and she gonna stays there fortnight which means 2 weeks momless for me and my sister but we managed that before so what harm could 14 days do.

After sending mummy to Subang Skypark Airport , i went back home to make sure everything was alright including switching off anything unnecessary or could lead to possible accused-arson. Then shoot off to sayang's . We went to Riana Green to collect a cheque from this unknown rude man so to speak. Soon after , we dragged our quality booty to the curve because i already made an appointment with my lovely cousin for a facial. Its been ages i hadnt pamper myself this much , the last time i went facial they used the real unprocessed honey for a mask .

She works at FORHIM by the way and her service was excellent at the best , of course i know she put extra effort because i am her lovely cousin. She said my skin oily in the inside and dried on the surface so she recommended me using Skin Food product ,and so being an easy-influenced consumer i am , i went straight to Skin Food and purchased Grape Seed Oil Foam which the sales girls claimed could do wonder to my skin. We'll see , but i have faith in organic products.

So now , my bunny love and i lepaking at Starbuck and ready to head home because RRA is having an acoustic practice at hafiq's house and i am ready for a free show!

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