Friday, October 16, 2009

A read worth the time

How funny the chain of clicking on random sites brings u to another one more exciting than before. Like yesterday , i was browsing through this one forum and it has brought me to this one interesting blog. I never like reading other ppls blog before simply because i often come across some shittyly written blog and indigenous to mentioned a few. But this platform is different and i for once cant stop reading it from yesterday.

Its a story , more of a documented everyday life of a ordinary Singaporean man with a PhD from Stanford who was forced to retract from his 16 years of contribution in the industries. After so many interviews and countless CV's unresponded , he take a new turn on his life an become an extraordinary taxi driver and he pours down all his everyday life about his customer in this blog. He brings intriguing to a whole new level.
read it here.

p/s : i dont usually talk about other ppls blog because simply i think mine is the best but this one is an exception and u know it is astoundingly good when i dedicated a whole post for his blog. Its rarely happen but when it happen u know its a good material to read about.

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