Saturday, August 15, 2009

My love bunny.

Look what i get in my bundled of notifications at facebook just now. I was surprised but not shock.

Its my grandmama! She has a facebook now. I guess she doesnt wants to missed out on the celerity of technology growth hence making her joining the band wagon.Cool gila nenek aku.

On others totally unrelated topics . Today we went to Summit to buy miya some formal wear for her class presentation. I got bored and tied up hafiq with a pink ribbon on his head. Judging by his altered new look , it wont be long before someone making him their love bunny if he got into prison. Muka u jambu gila sayang , pisang , pear , apple , gajus suma mesti jeles ngan muka jambu u ni. I pun jeles kadang2.

1 comment:

Just_najmiE said...

uwaaa, so cool ur nenek!.. hahaha..

n yes, he looks so jambu.. hope he doesn't go to prison!.. (^^,)