Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Puasa Everyone and not a very nice one to start off with.

I know its puasa and by right and by common rational sense i'm not allowed to curse/bitch/rotten-talk about anyone else but let me excused myself and make sin only this time because

U ARE A VAPID PLAIN BORING LOOKING BEAUTY that amuse people about how suck ur life is , how it could be better if u had the chance to change it , how boys drooling over u and ur fake smile . the list could go on but that would suck out all the energy in me and u are not worth every tiny cells of my brain,but i guess i couldnt help it if u r such a nuisance to not only me but others too.

i know its not my place to say something so offensive like this but someone has to do the dirty job although anonymously.

Moving on,

Happy Puasa everyone , dont ponteng2 ok because there are chances , and a great one at it that u wont be seeing next puasa , if u are unlucky that is with all this global pandemic of H1N1. It scares and terrify the hell out of me. Questions of what ifs been hijacking my mind and inserting all this horrible possibilities that could happened to me,my loved one or to others. So be safe everyone coz the air is invisible and we are not.

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