Thursday, June 25, 2009

Woot Woot

I hereby declare that today was my malas day with boifren. He came to my house around 12-ish which i left him annoyingly dingdonging about half an hour outside my pink door house. It wasnt my intention letting him almost decompose along with the ray of sunshine , I was in the shower and the music was kindda loud even to a deaf person , moreover , my ears arent quite in their best condition , not for the pass few months they arent.

Anyways, last nite before I went of to bed with my new found blankie (yes i am 23 and i still have a blankie which i bring together to sleep and salivated mindlessly on those soft and addictive piece of worned-off cloth) which popo gave it to me that evening , I diligently planned my itemize roaster for tomorrow which supposedly to start with me bringing the dirty laundry to the dobi , pays my maintainance fees at the office , traveling to MMU with boifren to settle up the credit transfer for BM (ughh bugger!) , and lastly rewarding myself watching a mind-boggling , mental-teasing , life-altering, adrenalin-stripping Transformer 2 : Revenge of The Fallen at Pyramid.

THE MOVIE WAS UBBER AWESOME!! This movie even better than the previous one because they have more robots , more transformation and definitely more jikjikjik sound (the sound that they make when transforming). It would be such a shame and waste for one not to claim their rights as a human with this highly CGI movie at their nearest cinema.

Oh , i havent finish on my story yet .

So i endup doing none of my tedious roaster of my TO DO LIST but straight went to Pyramid instead. Such a role model i am. If laziness could be turn into gold , i'd a leprechaun right now.

Oh have u guys checkup my blogtique teaser yet?

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