Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bloqtique. Mine.

After so many weeks of doing nothing and kept myself idle , i decided to do something useful for me and my country. I decided to sell clothes. For time being the website is still under construction hence the print screen image above (notice the grid?). Still many things to plan and consider. But i already have the clothes tho. So whoever wants to have a sneak peek on my collection just drop me an e-mail at

Oh did i mention that the name of my blogshop is gonna be I SHIRT YOU NOT. Its kindda similar to ur everyday phrase "I Shit You Not" but a little less stinky and stenchy.

Some support from u guys would mean a world to me.Show some love.
So click here to redirect ur browser to the website which is still under development. But i got teaser tho. TQ!

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