Friday, June 12, 2009

Medical Alert

I think i might have a serious internal problem of my system.
My lower part of abdomen keep on aching each time i make a motion.

Im freaking out right here , what if it turns out to be malignant? Do they have to poke and penetrate through my skin and fix the problem once and for all? What if the failure is futile? Would i be able to progress my life like a normal healthy person? All sort of unhappy drama is playing on my mind right now.

M not done living yet , there is so much i want to do , need to do.

If the pain continues tonite , i think i might have to be admit. Not necessarily of course but it is standard insurance policy , where u have to be admit at least one day to claim ur medical insurance. I never been admitted before. What if there is an headless transparency ghost hovering on top of me while m sleeping? demn. Is the nurse there as scarier as i always imagined they would be? All those raunchy and lewd images of sexy nurses wearing a scantily outfit didnt quite put me on the safe side, emotionally that is. My imaginations need to rest or else ill end up freaking out a little bit too much.

Then again , this could be nothing but still i really ought to check it out , just to be on the safe side.

Wish me luck everyone. Ill report more on this matter. Maybe ill report on the blatantly white sheet bed where i lie uncomfortably with one too many wires attached inside my skin. sad huh?

p/s : sayang i miss u so much. see what happen when u are not here by my side. i got sick and u are no where to be reach. :((


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cikudi said...

tak tau ah..could be kot

Anonymous said...

habis teruk kena buang apendiks tu.chill ah :D