Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yet Another Pointless Post

I have become increasingly boring nowadays.
I have no topic to write about , even if it is concerning my every day life , which is also always oh-so-consistently uninteresting.

WEH DUCK!! tulis padam tulis padam tulis padam. padan la muka hang diena oii , otak pandai2 tak guna. pemalaih tak guna punya budak hakkk ptuihhhh.

hafiq has gone to kelantan and leave me alone right here for 2 days. i need my zen back!!

and this stupid ghost hunter/analyzer documentary show on RIA do nuthing but annoyed the hell out of me.

ok this post is pointless. i really need to start writing properly again , with passion and interesting content to present and this time no vaguing around.


Shahriza said...

aku x pam aper yg pemburu hantu tuh buru....mereka dan kebodohan mereka..biarkan saja

cikudi said...

mmg bodo meraka itu