Thursday, December 3, 2009

The almost healthy day and one sad desperate virgin on net

Hello my bread and crumbs,
Today , in all its unexpected , crucially counter-procrastinate glory , me and Hafiq went for a walk. A long and healthy walk at one of the tamans at USJ 2 near his house. We have been in constant moment of disgruntle about our happily expansive flesh on the waist-up-chest-down region but having only so less meager amount of determination , the healthy bits part never surface on our to-do-list what with the wet , muddy , stain-induced pavement climate entering the scene.

Today was different though.
It was drizzling on the pre-evening , and so i thought this would be a good reason for me to delay yet another unseeingly exercise but the whether decided to be dry today. Dry but nice. So seeing the "opportunity" risen , Hafiq and I changed into a proper attire , slip on our running shoes and lastly , but not so cherrily , drag our ass off to the nearest padang. We managed to walk and jog almost 5 rounds of d unusual course until the day started to changed its color.

All those calories shed during the excessive movement didnt last long , not even 12 hrs long before i chucked down a good fattening meal at Williams , and we all now how Williams serve their food.

Oh goddemafak ,I dont want to be fat and not be able to squeeze myself into my wedding gown.

Good genes are a myth. Believe me on that. Or maybe , just a tiniest possibilities that my genes arent parallel with my parents which only concludes to one unjustified answer : I am adopted or switched at birth , or even worst , a tube baby. That cant be true , can they?

Anyways, on other totally unrelated agenda,

I was lurking , coz being a lurker is what i do best day and night , on one of those many forums on the net and it has been my habit as a rabbity clicker to click at all the topic even though it was clearly would not bring me any gratifying bits of information.

And for once , i dont regret because who knows that u might came across a sad product of human who is without a faintest hint of self-respect would beg , plead and even beseeching for the courtesy of our woman populace to give him a taste of our juice WHICH is just PURE DISGUSTING!!

Click the image for better viewing

If i have a baby boy , I'd expose him all the truth , horrifying ,terrifying and frantic details about how consummate will fatally destroy your life until he learn the truth behind how wondrous fornication can be.