Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy. Its HOLIDAY!

Heya shooters,
Its been a quite period of time that i havent touch this blog but i would today because i'd like to wish , as a default gesture to all of you a very happy holidays and that come in a package of big bouncy jolly ol' Merry Christmas along with a wholesome goodness of Happy New year wrapped in a decoratively box filled with lots love.

If i were to conclude my year into a book , there would not be enough tree in this world for the pages in it because this year , 2009 has seen transitions after transitions of my life and that includes surmounted every obscures , challenges and tormented moments during my final year of degree to becoming a proudly fresh graduate to opening up my own small business which by far is doing surprisingly well to becoming a full time master student to yet another year of adventurous journey to come. If this book aint gonna top Harry Potter , i dont know what will.

Anyways , hope u guys have a joyous Holiday and here i am signing off as a blithely festive bunny.


MyKy said...

hatikue melebur melihat gegambar ni.

cikudi said...

gila la u /m/k/

ariff said...

adorable~ :D

long time no see