Friday, December 4, 2009

An invitation . Please come or the unicorn will be dreadfully annihilated

Its a cosmic miracle how i can still radiate fumes of enchanting aroma even without a constant touch of daily shower. Not that i say my skin never get intimates with the water , but being damp isnt always my daily requirement except the occasional down south leaking fun time.

I must get into the shower pronto else i would be no better than a hairless feline. Though , the cause of this unhygienic time line is not a rocket science because i have a motive , a reason which is almost rationale , if not convincing.

The reason being said because i am too busy preparing for my booth opening at e@curve and Rasta , ttdi. You can find all the details here. Check out the poster yaw~

So if u have nothing to do on this weekend , u are gracefully invited to one of these place , if not both. Dont hesitate to say hi to me!

On totally unparalleled notion, here i present to you a theory that can pawned Darwin's anyday because deep down we all know that male populace never step out from their primate nature .

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