Sunday, December 26, 2010


Not even a single microorganism have gone through life without being hurt.

Even a lifeless object , like like , papers , or toaster , or washed up denims or or even a strand of thread have to walk through the lane of hurt , which is , to my understanding is their termination of life. Expiration of being useful to human. To serve the sole purpose of their existence. That is hurt to my belief.

Sometimes we hide it with the crooked smile on our face. But not matter how wide the smile stretch , the eyes however , cant really conceal the turbulence that is brutally hammering our system.

Sometimes , friends may approach with the intention of offering a confiding partner for us , but most of the time , the intention often now than ever , is just a fabricated layer to cover up their deluding manner. Just be careful where to where u spill your devastation because for all you know , every bits of your wretchedness will end up at the other ends of other people's ears.

Most of the time , as we hardly agree to confess on, physical pain is seemed to be better in time of when emotionally pain is excruciatingly unbearable by one capability of sustaining such dismay. This is why there are so many tragic cases of suicide .These people , i deem,unlike any others , couldn't stand the deprivation from their abrupt detachment with their so-called soul mate.

I hope that you guys and girls have better brain and rational judgment in solving whatever debacle u might get urself into.

Sometimes , when we thought everything was normal, that is the time we are actually hurt the most.

Soul Mate huh?

Lets talk about that in another entry. Good night now.